No matter how long you run an E-commerce business – you STILL ask yourself the same questions:



How to make my business grow?

What new methods can I use to optimize the e-business marketing strategy? How to decrease the marketing budget and to increase the sales?

Am I doing all I can to get as many visitors to my store as possible? What else can I do?



Of course, it is very difficult to run the business and keep up with all the latest developments in online marketing.



Today I will share with you these 4 marketing tactics for your ecommerce business growth:




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  • Identify your market niche and the right target audience to work for.
  • Research on the best time (season) for a marketing campaign.
  • Find your consumers in the web (social media, forums, message boards).
  • Learn what your potential customers are discussing (recommend each other; discuss pros and cons of a similar product etc.).
  • Based on the research – improve your advertisements.
  • Work on your SEO.
  • Segment your email lists and create different landing pages for each niche group.
  • Make an A/B testing.
  • Develop your copy all the time.



 Social Media

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  • Almost 80% of people using Twitter on their mobile devices.
  • Yelp is a leader among the social review sites.
  • Instagram has 300 million active users, 61% of them like at least 1 media/day, 30% like over 10 media/day.
  • YouTube is a leading source for all videos. In the next three years, video is predicted to reach 79% of all internet traffic.
  • Google Plus is connected to all Google services.
  • Facebook just crossed the line of 1 billion people using the social network the same day (it is 1 in 7 people on Earth).
  • Pinterest has 20x more pins per day than there are daily shoppers at the Mall of America.



Those are amazing facts. Use different types of social media, depending on your business niche, do not limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter. The more platforms – the more leads.



Upsell is when you want your customer to spend more, offering him/her the similar product of a higher quality and price.

It is a good tool to use together with a cross-sell (when you offer to buy an additional product together with the one your customer selected, e.g. to buy a mouse together with a keypad).


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These tactics are usually performed by adding the “Recommended” section to your website.


Useful tips:

1) Do not upsell for more than 25 percent.

2) When cross-sell, do not offer a product that doesn’t match to a chosen one.

3) Avoid being overwhelmed (limit the number of recommendations).




Viral content is the one massively shared by others. The idea of virality is perfectly explained in the Pay it Forward movie.


Virality gives you a conversion of more than 100%.


Viral content is mostly visual (pictures, video, infographics).


To make your content viral:

  • Make it simple.
  • Make it entertaining.
  • Make it relevant.
  • Create an emotional tie.
  • Add social media icons (to easily share it).
  • Create a story explaining why it is better to use your product together with a friend.
  • Take care of a good design.
  • Share your content yourself with all the available channels of distribution.

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Remember, the more channels and tactics of promotion you use – the greater number of leads you have.


To know more about other marketing tools for your business – Attend the Growth Marketing Conference.


I hope this information is helpful and using these tactics will help you to grow your business. I would love to discuss your experience in e-commerce business promotion in the comments below.