You can’t make every event, and these days, there aren’t any events anyone can make…

So one thing you can do while you’re stuck inside, is review world-class presentations and reminisce of great events with great networking, you know… when a handshake wasn’t considered “Assault.”

Here are three of my favorite sessions from Growth Marketing Conference 2019. You’re going to learn about AI, a better way for sales and marketing to work together, and why your SEO sucks and what to do about it.

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Autodesk’s Unfair Strategic Advantage: How AI Quadrupled Their Conversions & Doubled Their Content Engagement – Siarra Nazir

These days, AI is ubiquitous – powering everything from Alexa to mobile apps – but too many marketers are ignoring it, mostly because they don’t understand it. Autodesk, however, didn’t make that mistake. 

They invested in learning how AI could help their business, and discovered more than a few creative ways AI could drive their demand generation goals, breakthrough periods of stagnant growth, and ultimately quadruple their conversions and double their content engagement. 

Just ask Siara Nazir. In this session, she’ll teach you cold hard best practices for leveraging AI to create and convert traffic, including some hard-won tips for choosing the right vendor she learned along the way!

Artificial Intelligence is truly in its infancy and the opportunity is staggering. That being said, even with Watson’s AI marketing engine increasing your conversion rate by 30%, you’re still not going to hit a 55% year over year growth goal.  You’re going to need more than just website optimization… 

So what can you do with AI to continuously increase growth? Use it to analyze your customers, their behavior, and develop key insights and ideas.

Jon Miller Katie Martell -Fireside Chat: What’s Next for B2B Over the Coming 10 Years & How You Can Be Successful Through Them All

From co-founding Marketo (acquired by Adobe for $4.8B!) to co-founding and running as CEO Engagio (ranked #1 ABM solution by Research in Action!), Jon Miller is something of a living legend in the B2B space. After all, he’s the man who literally invented marketing automation and coined the term “lead gen.” And in this visionary fireside chat, he’s going to leverage his considerable B2B experience and success to forecast what’s going to happen in B2B marketing over the next 10 years, along with teaching you practical strategies and tactics for making the most of these new developments. Your 10-year plan for B2B success starts here.

Jon explores the changes in the sales department and limitations of 1-1 conversations per rep at scale.

A rep could maybe manage 16 accounts at one time… And it turns out most sales reps aren’t that great at having 16 conversations with leads at various stages of the funnel.

But Jon realized that marketing is really good at keeping the conversation going. So in the past, the rep had to maintain those conversations, and marketing was done once they passed off the lead.

Now, for Jon’s team, marketing helps sales close the deals and keep leads warm through the sales process, not just before.

Eli Schwartz – Everything You Know About B2B SEO Is Wrong

SEO isn’t a monolithic thing. Depending on your objectives – and your industry – you will have different priorities and execute different strategies. Just ask Eli Schwartz, Director of Growth & SEO at SurveyMonkey. He makes a point of investing in search strategies that drive top-of-funnel user acquisition in service of SurveyMonkey’s larger growth goals. And in this session, he’s going to teach you how to write your own B2B SEO playbook (because what works for B2C doesn’t always work for B2B!), with your specific business needs in mind, so you can start reaping the search returns you know you deserve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Page speed is important, but once you implement the best practices, you don’t need to worry about every tenth of a second.
  • Mostly, great SEO is still about getting backlinks. Quality backlinks. Getting a Forbes writer who usually writes on science to write about marketing tech is probably not going to be very valuable. Google knows.
  • SEO is not an acquisition channel. It’s a brand and growth channel for generating awareness.
  • Don’t chase rankings, chase revenue. Ranking #1 doesn’t matter if it isn’t generated tracked revenue. 

Final Thoughts

Honestly, just rewatching these sessions has inspired me to take some action in my own business. And I thought I knew these things already…

What did you learn? What are you going to do in your business, this week, that you learned from these sessions? 

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