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JS: What’s one unconventional growth tactic or strategy that worked surprisingly well?

Eric Siu: The one that’s kind of a highlight for me is being able to use customer data platforms and use them in an offensive manner. So, what I mean by that is we get a decent amount of traffic coming to our site per month, approaching about 300,000 visits a month. So there’s a lot of different IP addresses hitting our site. This is all anonymous.

So we use, it allows us to uncover these IP addresses. So for example, I can set a filter saying if two people from the same company visit our site in the last 30 days, I want to uncover four people from their marketing team and automatically put them into a sales enablement tool. And so we use Outreach. So the beauty of this is Coca-Cola for example, they visit our page on SEO or whatever. We know two people from their company who have visited our SEO page. So we might send them a sequence that’s tailored to SEO.

So it’s a little more complex set up, but I encourage you to try it. I think if you even have more than 50,000 visits a month, you should be leveraging something like this. If your Annual Contract Value (ACV) is probably getting five or six figures above because what we were able to do was we got our, and this is public information now. So for the marketing school podcast that I do with Neil, we got a $800,000 deal, a podcast deal, just from this being automated. So we had someone from DreamHosts visit, VP of marketing and visited. And then from there we automatically sent them an email and he responded to the email and then we set up a call there. 

But usually we wouldn’t have picked that up. Right. Because we, people were just busy doing other stuff. So you almost have like an inside sales person automatically sending an outreach to certain people and that picks up deals that normally, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten.

AO: Amazing. Eric can you give us some details on any other metrics in terms of performance? Just to really tease listener’s to encourage them to go do this. 

Eric Siu: Yeah. I’m trying to think of how many more leads does it drive for us? Right. So I think it does drive, and by the way that you like for us typically just on the marketing agency side, so there’s a couple of other businesses that we have, but just on the marketing agency side, typically from organic traffic, we might drive like anywhere from six to ten qualified leads, really qualified cause were very picky about who we work with per month.

Now when we added this and it added about eight more per month, right. So you can see that’s triple the amount of what we usually would get. And now we have a bunch of other stuff, educational stuff, but I’m just thinking about the super high tier stuff that we sell. It’s triple the leads. 

JS: How do you actually deploy this technology? I know you mentioned, you know, What is the actual stack involved in? And how do you get started with this? 

Eric Siu: Yeah, I think this is probably more intermediate to advanced type of thing you want to deploy in terms of our stack.

We have a lot of data that comes in, you know, sales people filling out HubSpot, right? So we have our CRM, that’s connected to the HubSpot sales enablement tool. We use Outreach. And then what we do is we hook it in with Facebook ads as well. So we can take Pixel and then we can automatically re-target those people from want. It could automatically update the audience with it as well. So it’s super powerful, but ultimately I think it’s whatever you have in your stack, just from a CRM and sales enablement perspective. And if you’re running ads great. And then you can be off and running. What I would say though, is it did take us about a couple of weeks to set it up using the developer’s to help.

So, there’s going to be a little bit of tweaking. You got to figure out the right filters, figure out the right pages people are hitting and then kind of go from there. 

AO: So, if I were to try to get started right now, is the first thing 

Eric Siu: So, the first piece of the puzzle is you gotta make sure you have a site with traffic, otherwise, I’d say don’t do this. Okay. So at least 50K and then ideally you’re using some type of CRM. There’s a lot of different web hooks that you can connect into the hook and with Zapier as well.

So think about your CRM. Think about whatever sales enablement tool you have. And by the way, you don’t need to pay for something like, I love Outreach. I love SalesLoft, but you can easily hook in with your email service provider, then you can hook it up with Zapier and then just whatever stack that you have. It probably will plugin. So, Hull to your question, Adam and Jorge, that’s the first part of it. And then you hook it in with all the other stuff that you have and you’re just testing to see what works and you’re testing different sequences. 

AO: Got it. Have you had any problems with Hull when people aren’t at the office as much? Because I would imagine that would really be affected. 

Eric Siu: Yeah. I mean you can, obviously you can tailor it back, and tell it to be less aggressive on the sales enablement side. And I think this is just like marketing one on one. You don’t want to be tone deaf, obviously right now where all at home, you don’t wanna hit them as aggressively as you would otherwise, people are just going to keep hitting the spam button. 

AO: So yeah, man, and this is amazing. Any roadblocks that you would tell somebody about to go execute on this? 

Eric Siu: I think I want to caveat, I think I said it three times already. So the fourth time, I would say just to double, triple, quadruple check to make sure you have some semblance of traction, and you’re getting leads from your website.

You probably have at least 50,000 visits a month or so, your ACVs or probably north of five figures to make something like this work, because it is an expensive endeavor to set up and it’s not cheap to use tools like this. Oh, and I forgot to include, you got to have Clearbit too. That’s another caveat, so Clearbit does help us enrich the leads that we have coming in. 

AO: That’s amazing. Well, I mean you just destroy. Thank you. Do you have any other questions, Jorge?

JS: Yeah I guess one of my biggest questions is in terms of the hand off from the automation to a human to close the deal or to bring it further in the sales cycle?

Eric Siu: That’s a great question. So what basically happens is we have a catch all sales email, and then we use Front. You don’t need to use Front by the way. But Front is our shared inbox tool that we use and that allows all our sales people to jump in and then kind of round-robin from there. So you can do that. That’s a little more manual or you can dump them into like a, you know, say, Hey, if you want to book a call with us, just click on the schedule once link that you can round robin it, if you want to do something like that or Calendly whatever you wanna use. So many different ways to skin a cat. I don’t want to overwhelm people with tools here. 

AO: We got the key part, which is huge. And I mean, we don’t want to overwhelm people with content either. So I think you’ve nailed it in the short amount of time here. So that’s all I got. Thank you so much. 

Eric Siu: Yeah. Thanks for having me. 

JS: Absolutely. Thank you.

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