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2019 Speakers

December, 2020

Jason McClelland

CMO, Heroku, Salesforce

Siara Nazir

Head of Digital Marketing, Autodesk

Andy Johns

Partner , Unusual Ventures (formerly at Facebook, Twitter, Quora, & Wealthfront)

Jon Miller

CEO & Co-founder, Engagio

Katie Dombrowski

US Segment Lead, Disruptor Brands, Pinterest

Jim Sterne

AI Growth Leader, President , Digital Analytics Association

Hilary Headlee

Head of Global Sales Ops & Enablement, Zoom

Darius Contractor

Head of Growth, Airtable

Nir Eyal

Author, Speaker and Thought Leader,

Rebecca Kline

GM & Growth, PagerDuty (formerly CMO at Malwarebytes)

Jim Stoneham

CMO, New Relic

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

, CEO of SoulTour and Author of The Transformational Consumer

Amrita Damani

Mobile Marketing Leader, Intuit

Michelle Killebrew

VP, Head of Marketing, PwC New Ventures

Chris Yeh

CMO, Author, Investor, Speaker, Mentor

Brian Rothenberg

Partner, (formerly VP of Growth at Eventbrite)

Ben Parr

President & Co-Founder, Octane AI

Wintha Kelati

Head of Engagement, Subscriptions, Lyft

Scott Brinker

Chief Marketing Technologist,

Jeffrey Serlin

Head of Global Sales Operations, Intercom

Brian Kotlyar

Sr. Director, Demand Generation & Growth Marketing, Intercom

Laura Borghesi

Director, Growth Marketing, MongoDB (formerly at Stripe, Google)

Peter Isaacson

CMO, Demandbase

Nathan Latka

Founder, SaaS Database

Udi Ledergor


Rajan Sheth

Director of Growth and Retention, Heroku (Salesforce)

Melissa Matlins

VP Marketing, B2B, Vimeo

Jaleh Rezaei

CEO & Co-Founder, Mutiny (formerly CMO at Gusto)

Justin Bauer

Head of Product, Amplitude

Guillaume Cabane

Growth Advisor, G2, Intellimize (Formerly VP of Growth at Segment & Drift)

Julie Zhou

Sr. Director of Growth, NextRoll

Dan Frohnen

CMO, Sendoso

Virginia Nussey

Director of Marketing, MobileMonkey

Pete von Burchard

VP of Sales , Wistia

Carlos Hidalgo

CEO, VisumCx

Sujan Patel

Co-founder , Mailshake & Ramp Ventures

Emily Lonetto

Head of Growth, Voiceflow

About Jason McClelland

About Siara Nazir

Siara Nazir is an award-winning global marketer and media leader who has pioneered AI-based strategies for marketing programs at Autodesk. She’s led digital transformation for two Fortune 500 companies and her strategies have been featured in several industry publications including Forrester and DM News. She’s a speaker at various industry conferences, most recently invited by the Wall Street Journal to speak at their inaugural Executive Forum on Artificial Intelligence in New York. She’s won several industry awards for her approach and vision on marketing and most recently was the recipient of the Equality Impact Award for women in tech who have broken barriers and generally changed their industries for the better. Currently, Siara is Head of Digital Marketing at Autodesk.

About Andy Johns

Andy Johns is a Partner at Unusual Ventures, leading and building its consumer portfolio. Prior to Unusual, he spent 15 years working at consumer startups, including Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Wealthfront, where he was president. Through his experience, he became an expert in consumer growth and engagement, building first-rate product experiences, and company building. According to Andy, it’s always been about the journey for him— that’s why he joined as one of the first 20 employees at both Quora and Wealthfront despite having the prior fortune of being on two rocket ships with Facebook and Twitter. In his words, “There’s nothing more satisfying than serendipitously meeting a stranger in another part of the world and finding out they are passionate users of a product I helped build."

About Jon Miller

on is the CEO and co-founder of Engagio, a B2B marketing engagement platform that was recently ranked the #1 account-based marketing (ABM) solution by Research in Action. Previously, Jon was a co-founder at Marketo, the leader in marketing automation that was acquired by Adobe for $4.8 billion. He is a speaker and writer about marketing best practices and is the author of multiple marketing books including Engagio's Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing and Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation. He was named Most Influential Marketing CEO of the Year in the 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards, B2B Marketing named Jon one of the 10 Most Influential Tech Marketers in the world, and the CMO Institute named him a Top 10 CMO for companies under $250M. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College and has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

About Katie Dombrowski

Katie leads the US sales team at Pinterest focused on Direct-to-Consumer and Disruptor brands. Prior to Pinterest, Katie spent 10 years at Google, working across sales, marketing, and leadership roles. Most recently, Katie served as a Sales Manager for the Performance Advertising Team, where her team was responsible for supporting search, display, YouTube and DoubleClick programmatic solutions across a range of mid-market customers. Katie holds a BA in Political Science from UCLA, and an MBA from The University of Chicago, Booth. She lives in the SF Bay Area with her husband and daughter.

About Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne focuses his thirty-five years in sales and marketing on creating and strengthening customer relationships through digital communications. He sold business computers to companies that had never owned one in the 1980s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990’s, and founded a conference and a professional association around digital analytics in the 2000’s. Following his humorous Devil's Data Dictionary, Sterne published his twelfth book, Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications. Sterne founded the Marketing Analytics Summit (formerly the eMetrics Summit) in 2002, which was the birthplace of the Digital Analytics Association. He served on the DAA Board of Directors for 15 years and is now Director Emeritus.

About Hilary Headlee

About Darius Contractor

Darius is a growth leader, angel investor and entrepreneur. He's focused on growing companies and people at Tickle, Bebo,, Dropbox, Facebook and now Airtable. Along the way he's focused on going viral, scaling, agile management, rapid iteration, product strategy and all aspects of growing a website.

About Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, wrote the book on the secret psychology of technology. However, in this talk, Nir provides the antidote to the current distraction crisis. Nir shares the findings of his five years of research into how to master what he calls, "the skill of the century," the power to be "Indistractable." Nir's entertaining, research-backed talk, provides practical advice and memorable strategies for managing distraction in business and life.

About Rebecca Kline

Rebecca Kline leads PagerDuty’s Growth business unit, driving online acquisition, sales, retention, and overall growth. Previously, Rebecca was the Chief Marketing Officer at cybersecurity firm SentinelOne, leading global marketing, brand messaging, channel marketing, and go-to-market strategy. Before SentinelOne, Rebecca was Chief Marketing Officer at Malwarebytes, a cybersecurity firm specializing in business and consumer security, where she led all B2B and B2C marketing.

About Jim Stoneham

Jim Stoneham is the Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Growth at New Relic. In this role, he combines data, machine learning, and automation to drive growth and customer satisfaction to enhance all of New Relic’s marketing touchpoints. Jim is passionate about building high-performance teams to tackle big problems and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles at consumer and enterprise technology organizations. He founded and served as CEO of Opsmatic, a real-time infrastructure monitoring service, which was acquired by New Relic in 2015. Jim played a significant role in successfully merging the two organizations and building out the product and growth teams. Previously, Jim founded Tangibility, a boutique consultancy for startups in the consumer products space. He also held VP roles at Yahoo and Kodak and served as a product line general manager at Apple. Jim Stoneham is the Chief Marketing Officer at New Relic. In this role, he combines data, machine learning, and automation to drive growth and customer satisfaction to enhance all of New Relic’s marketing touchpoints. Jim is passionate about building high-performance teams to tackle big problems and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles at consumer and enterprise technology organizations.

About Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is a globally-recognized transformation, marketing and spiritual strategist to high-achieving women and transformational companies. Previously, Tara was an Entrepreneur In Residence at Lightspeed Venture Partners, and the chief marketer for MyFitnessPal and Under Armour Connected Fitness. In Tara's two years there, MyFitnessPal grew from 45 million to 120 million users, drove a 25 percent increase in user engagement from marketing alone, and went from raising an $18 million Series A to being acquired by Under Armour for $475 million. Business Insider recently named Tara the #1 woman tech companies should put on their boards.

About Amrita Damani

Amrita has over 10+ years of experience as a digital marketer driving user growth, engagement and retention. She has successfully managed multi-million-dollar advertising budgets, is passionate about growing mobile-first products, cross-functional collaboration, developing mobile marketing capabilities and building the marketing tech-stack. In her current role at Intuit, she is committed to powering prosperity for small business and self-employed professionals by catering to their accounting needs with Quickbooks. She is customer obsessed and an evangelist of data driven marketing, especially within the mobile ecosystem.

About Michelle Killebrew

Data-driven marketing executive known for exceeding objectives through inspiring teams and the implementation of new strategies, effective processes, innovative campaigns, and sophisticated marketing technology. Dedicated to delivering a superior brand experience—from initial acquisition through to loyal customers—to increase growth and profitability.

About Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh is the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman, of Blitzscaling, the book that explains how to build world-changing companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Airbnb in record time. A writer, investor, and entrepreneur, Chris has had a ringside seat in the world of startups and scaleups since 1995. His books help founders, venture capitalists, corporate leaders, policymakers, and everyday people better understand how the internet has changed the way we work together to build amazing organizations. Hundreds of companies, from garage-dwelling startups to Fortune 50 titans have tapped his knowledge and insights to accelerate and transform their businesses.

About Brian Rothenberg

Founder & startup growth leader turned VC. I love partnering with exceptional founders to build & scale amazing teams and businesses. I have operated through every stage: from founding, seed, series A through late-stage funding, all the way through IPO – from idea to hundreds of millions in revenue. Most recently I was at Eventbrite for 6+ years from startup through IPO ($300M revenue, nearly $3B market cap), serving as VP of Growth and running a $100M+ revenue line as GM. I founded a local services marketplace, SkillSlate, backed by First Round and Canaan Partners, which we ultimately sold to TaskRabbit. I have also been an angel investor and growth advisor to dozens of startups as part of Sequoia's Scout program, First Round Capital's Angel Track + Expert Network, and YC's Growth Council.

About Ben Parr

Ben Parr is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, author, and journalist. He is President and Co-Founder of Octane AI, the Messenger & SMS platform for ecommerce. Octane AI powers sales, marketing, automation, and support over messaging channels for over 1,000+ merchants, including GoPro, Apt2B, Summersalt, Manscaped, and CoverFX. Ben is also the author of the best-selling book "Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention", named the top marketing book of 2015 by multiple publications. He sits on the board of directors of Samasource. Previously, Ben was the Co-Editor and Editor-at-Large of Mashable.

About Wintha Kelati

About Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker has been analyzing marketing technology and its impact on marketing organizations for more than a decade. He writes the blog and serves as the program chair of the MarTech conference series. He serves as VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, helping to grow and nurture the company's community of technology partners. And he authored the best-selling book Hacking Marketing, about adapting software management practices — such as agile methodologies — to marketing teams. Previously, he was the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive. He holds degrees in computer science from Columbia University and Harvard University and an MBA from MIT. Connect with him on Twitter @chiefmartec.

About Jeffrey Serlin

Jeff runs Global Sales and Support Operations at Intercom, where he leads a team of 25 professionals that drive GTM strategy, productivity and customer growth. He previously built and lead sales operations teams at Campaign Monitor, Marketo and Emptoris and is an advisor for Outreach, Channel Portal and Akoonu.

About Brian Kotlyar

Brian Kotlyar leads Demand Generation and Growth Marketing at Intercom - a customer messaging platform that drives growth across the customer lifecycle. In this role, Brian is responsible for marketing and operations teams that drive new and expansion revenue. Prior to this, he led Demand Generation at Sprinklr where he helped scale from a $50M valuation to $1.8BN. Brian's first experience in SAAS was as VP of Marketing at Dachis Group (acquired by Sprinklr). He specializes in building high-performing SAAS marketing teams, and in his spare time is an avid cook and NBA fan.

About Laura Borghesi

Laura Borghesi is the Senior Director of Growth Marketing at MongoDB where she leads the team responsible for User Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization through the self-serve channel. Prior to joining MongoDB, Laura worked in Silicon Valley as one of the earliest members of the Growth Marketing team at Stripe. Before Stripe, she spent several years at Google. Laura is passionate about building customer-centric marketing and product experiences that lead to revenue growth. She strongly believes in data-driven decisions and a world based on experimentation.

About Peter Isaacson

Peter Isaacson has over 25 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, ranging from branding, advertising, corporate communications and product marketing on a global scale. As CMO for Demandbase, Peter is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution, including product, corporate and field marketing. Prior to joining Demandbase, Peter was CMO at Castlight Health, helping to scale the company and build the marketing team prior to its successful IPO. Peter got his start in advertising, working at agencies in New York on accounts ranging from Procter & Gamble to Compaq computers.

About Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka is the principal of private equity firm Latka Capital; executive producer and host of “The Top Entrepreneurs” podcast; and CEO at two companies he’s recently purchased. He is also the star of the hit FB Watch show “Latka’s Money” (more than one million viewers tune in every episode). He is the founder of the software company Heyo. How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital is his first book.

About Prolet Miteva

Prolet Miteva is a Senior Product Manager for Analytics at Autodesk. She is laying the data foundation for Autodesk’s products and digital properties, always chasing the ever-elusive complete view of the customer. With a combination of skills and passion for user experience, engineering, and analytics, Prolet bridges the gap between business and technology for better customer experience and business success. She is a San Francisco Chapter leader for the Digital Analytics Association.

About Udi Ledergor

Udi is a CMO at Gong and a former a 5-time VP Marketing with 20 years of industry experience heading world-class marketing teams for public and private companies across a variety of industries. He's also the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller - The 50 Secrets of Trade Show Success.

About Rajan Sheth

Rajan’s passion and background are in building revenue-driven go-to-market and growth teams for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Rajan leads Heroku’s Growth organization across product, marketing, and sales-driving activation, engagement, revenue, sales acceleration, and retention. Previously, he led growth for Box. Before Box, Rajan was a founding member of a new business unit and e-commerce platform where he oversaw go-to-market teams including growth and analytics functions enable HP Enterprise’s digital transformation.

About Melissa Matlins

Melissa has spent the last 15 years building marketing teams and tech companies in San Francisco and New York. Today, as VP Marketing at Vimeo, Melissa helps organizations leverage the power of video to connect with audiences and grow their businesses and communities.

About Jaleh Rezaei

Jaleh is the Co-founder and CEO of Mutiny, a YC-backed company focused on helping SaaS companies personalize their website for each visitor. Prior to Mutiny, Jaleh was employee 12 and head of marketing and business development at Gusto and grew the company from 500 to 50,000 customers over 4 years. She was the Director of Product Marketing at VMware prior to Gusto. She holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and an M.B.A. from Stanford.

About Justin Bauer

As VP of Product, Justin strives to make it easy for companies to make better decisions based on their data. He’s a 2x entrepreneur as well as an alumnus of McKinsey, Stanford GSB, and Carleton College.

About Guillaume Cabane

About Julie Zhou

Julie Zhou has built over a decade of experience in product management, growth, and marketing for some of the most well-known products in the world. She is currently a Senior Director of Growth at AdRoll (part of NextRoll Inc), a growth marketing platform for ambitious direct to consumer brands. Prior to that, she led growth marketing at Hipmunk (acquired by Concur), the fastest, easiest way to plan travel and was a product marketer for Google AdWords, Maps and Android.

About Dan Frohnen

Dan Frohnen has more than fifteen years of sales and marketing experience from previously working as the Vice President of Global Demand Generation and Sales Development at Apptus and most recently the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Skedulo, where he drove two consecutive years of triple-digit growth and played a key role in the company’s $28M in Series B funding. Frohnen was previously a Sendoso customer and has a deep understanding of the value the platform provides.

About Virginia Nussey

Virginia is the director of marketing at MobileMonkey, the fastest-growing official Facebook Messenger marketing automation platform. In the year and a half since launch, she's helped scale the company from zero to millions of users by providing actionable guides for marketers to develop bots for lead generation, customer retention and engagement. Her favorite thing about bots is the power they give brands to instantly connect with customers in the messaging apps they already use.

About Pete von Burchard

Peter is a SaaS sales executive with over 10 years of Sales and Sales Leadership experience. He is a firm believer that the role of sales, especially in a SaaS business model, is to eliminate barriers to success for the customer and to establish a long term partnership based on trust. Peter is the VP of Sales at Wistia and prior to that was the Director of Sales at Oz Development, which was acquired by Descartes Systems Group.

About Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos Hidalgo is a 25-year business veteran. Over the span of the last two-plus decades, Hidalgo has held corporate roles, started his own entrepreneurial ventures and served in non-profits. In addition to his current role as CEO at VisumCx, Hidalgo also serves as a managing partner in a health care platform start-up and serves on the board on a tech startup. Hidalgo is the author of Driving Demand, one of the Top 5 Marketing Books of all time according to Book Authority which was published in 2015.

About Sujan Patel

Sujan is the co-founder of Mailshake & a partner at Ramp Ventures. He is a marketer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of marketing experience. Sujan has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Sales Force, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500 caliber companies.

About Emily Lonetto

Emily is the Head of Growth at Voiceflow – a platform that makes it easy for designers, developers and companies to build voice apps without code. In her spare time, Emily co-runs GrowthTO – the largest organization of growth practitioners in Canada. Prior to Voiceflow and GrowthTO, Emily led experimental growth at Clio – driving hypothesis-driven mentality into the marketing department and beyond. Before Clio, Emily held various growth positions in companies such as: PartnerStack (YC'15, formerly GrowSumo) and Tilt (YC'12, acquired by Airbnb). Outside of her 9-5, you can find Emily guest lecturing bootcamps, and often drawing comics for her satirical side projects – @mehhcomics.