October 24, 2018

What is Customer Retention?

How to Perform a Growth Marketing Audit

  Recipes for growth most often focus on acquisition. If you stuff the top of the marketing funnel, they say, revenue is sure to come out the bottom. Maybe — but this is far from the most effective way to achieve sustainable profitability. To grow and stay growing, businesses must be able to acquire, but …Read More

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May 9, 2018

Brand Loyalty: How to Convert Your One-Time Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

Brand Loyalty

Did you know that there is a large chance that someone who has already become your customer will repeat purchase? According to the book “Marketing Metrics” by Paul Farris, there is a 60-70% chance that your repeat customers will convert again! And a study by Adobe found that returning customers can generate three times higher …Read More

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