If there’s one marketing conference you must attend before the year is out, it’s Global Growth Marketing Conference (GMC) 2020. 


But ask yourself, how many conferences have the potential to impact your bottom line directly?

That’s what growth marketing is about.

IBM Growth Strategist Jason Barbato and former GMC speaker said, “[Growth marketing is about] doing things that can result in explosive growth for your business, that is the underlying theme. That’s what makes it different from traditional marketing is that you’re informing something that’s intended to drive growth, not just drive numbers.”

So if you’re keen to unearth frameworks specifically designed to grow your startup, your enterprise, your agency or your small business, then get yourself to San Francisco for this December 9 – 10 event.

Not convinced yet? 

Here are our top five reasons you don’t want to miss Global Growth Marketing Conference 2020.

1. Glean From Trendsetters Making Big Growth Curves

Slack, Lyft, Airbnb, Pinterest, Postmates, Robinhood, Poshmark, Uber…all went public in 2019. 

Wouldn’t it be great to just get inside their growth leaders’ heads and learn the marketing strategies and tactics that brought them from humble dorm-room beginnings to trading-room-floor success?

Yeah, we thought so, too.

So this year’s conference features industry-leading speakers who represent some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including Google, Microsoft, and these recently-public organizations:

  • Zoom | Hilary Headlee, Head of Global Sales Ops & Enablement
  • Postmates | George Revutsky, VP of Growth
  • Uber | Ali Wiezbowski, Head of Driver Engagement, Product Marketing

I mean, what better way to obtain hyper-growth strategies than from global trendsetters making it happen day in and day out?

Kady Srinivasan, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Dropbox, said this about GMC, “it’s always a good thing to learn from other people who are doing it and who are also evolving in the field. The technology landscape is changing so quickly, so I find so much value every single time I attend one of [GMC’s] conferences, speak at them, or go to [GMC’s] networking events.”

See our growing roster of previous handpicked growth marketing tacticians and thought leaders here.

2. Get Narrowly Focused with Vertical-Specific Content

If you’ve been to GMC in the past, then you’re familiar with our B2B and main stage tracks that are jam-packed with immediately actionable takeaways for your business. 

There, our speakers will present on a range of topics including growth process and experimentation, product marketing and management, and onboarding and engagement.

This year, we’ve expanded our offering to include vertical-specific tracks that make for an even more well-balanced program. Those tracks are:

  • eCommerce
  • Data & Analytics
  • Marketplace Growth
  • FinTech Growth
  • HealthCare Growth
  • Mobile App Growth
  • SaaS Growth
  • Emerging Channels

So in addition to the main-stage program, you’ll be able to choose that path that best fits your industry and niche.

3. Harness the Power of Targeted Networking

Networking at conferences can sometimes be hit or miss. And that can be quite a bummer for many attendees, as networking has been rated one of the top three reasons for attending in the first place.

That’s why we’ve made connecting with your peers faster and simpler with the support of Brella. 

Once you know who (or the kind of person or business) you want to talk, use the Brella app to request and then schedule a time to meet up while you’re on site.

Want to exchange ideas? Broach a partnership? Get one-on-one time with speakers? This tool is how you get it done.

4. Maintain Momentum with Post-Event Training

Fair warning: you’re going to need a little time after the conference to go through your notes and take it all in. But what happens once you’re back in the office and to your regular day-to-day tasks?

Keep learning and challenging yourself with access our on-demand library containing more than 200 training modules available right at your fingertips.

This free ongoing training and webinars designed to keep you at the top of your game are available to every attendee and provided by our conference partners.

5. Elevate with Like-Minded Professionals

We also offer Global GMC attendees paid access to our exclusive online membership community. Filled with hundreds of senior- and executive-level marketers, you’ll be able to…

  • take advantage of exclusive partner and trial offers (free or deeply discounted)
  • gain access to free consults to help you when you’re stuck, and 
  • connect with conference alumni and speakers on an ongoing basis to collaborate and learn about new industry trends

Global Growth Marketing Conference 2020 will be what everyone is talking about all 2021. Grab tickets for you and your team today; your bottom line will thank you.

Got questions about the conference? Chat with us on our website or email our team directly.

Not sure where to stay for GMC 2020?

Good news! Our team has secured a special rate for Global Growth Marketing Conference 2020 (GMC Conference) attendees at the historic, luxury, 5-star Fairmont San Francisco Hotel. Contact us for more details.

Centrally located, this luxury San Francisco hotel is a short cable car trip from the bustling Downtown, Financial District, Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf. In fact, Fairmont San Francisco is the only spot in the City where each of the cable car lines meet. 

With its numerous hills and spectacular bay, San Francisco welcomes you with natural beauty, vibrant neighborhoods, and contagious energy. From the trendy Mission District to the historic Castro, from bustling Union Square to enduring Chinatown, the dynamic City by the Bay thrives on diversity. From San Francisco’s hot arts scene, tempting boutiques, parks perfect for outdoor activities, and all the authentically local restaurants & cocktail bars, it’s the ultimate destination.