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There are estimates that there are over 10,000 Marketing (MARTECH) tools! With so many options the choice at times can be overwhelming. So below we have listed some of our favourite go to marketing tools.

Marketing AI Chatbots and Tools

These are some Marketing AI Chatbot tools we have developed:

Marketing Calculators

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

This is a simple, easy to use free tool to calculate your customer lifetime value. This is one of the most important pieces of information you need to know. If you know your customer lifetime value you know how much you can spend to acquire a new customer. Increase this value and you can out spend your competitors and dominate your market. Customer Lifetime Value Calculator.

CTR Calculator

Easily calculate your CTR or click through rates with this simple and free CTR calculator. Compare your CTR with industry and media benchmark CTR and see how you are performing compared to your competitors. CTR Calculator.

CPC Calculator

CPC calculator. Free and easy to use. Calculate your CPC or cost per click. We have also listed industry benchmarks by Industry and media type so you can compare how your CPC compares with your competitors. CPC Calculator.

Marketing Strategy Tools


This is one of the most powerful tools in our marketing tool kit. This tool enables you to reverse engineer your competitors traffic sources, Ads, keywords and so much more. This is our go to tool for analysing competitors digital marketing strategy. This is believed to be the most accurate traffic tool. However to see a websites traffic it must have a minimum of 5,000 monthly views. There is some functionality available on the free plan and a lot more on the paid plans. Find out more here.


This marketing tool is very powerful when it comes to analysing your own and competitors websites for keyword research and backlinks. A very powerful SEO tool and one we use a lot for SEO. You find more details about Ahrefs here.


This is a good alternative to SimilarWeb and Ahrefs. Semrush provides data on a websites traffic sources. It does not have the same minimum monthly views as SimilarWeb but maybe a little less accurate. Semrush also has good data on keywords and backlinks. Find out more about Semrush here.


See the exact keywords your competitors are bidding on on Google Ads and the copy they are using in their Google Ads. This is a very powerful tool to reverse engineer your competitors Google PPC strategy. They also have some SEO and organic keyword data. We prefer Ahrefs for keyword data but use Spyfu for Google Ads data.

Media Buying Tools


If you are doing any media buying on this tool is incredibly powerful. Adbeat has data on over 90 Ad buying networks, including all the big networks. Reverse engineer your competitors media buying strategy by seeing placements, ad copy and much more. This is our go to media buying tool.

Social Media Tools

Facebook Ad Library

This a free Facebook tool that allows you to see your competitors live and inactive ads (if they have not been removed). Use this to discover your competitors best ads. See which ones has been running the longest. Discover what offers, copy and creative are working best for your competitors in the Facebook Ads Library.

TikTok Ads Library

Use TikTok’s free TikTok ad library tool to discover which ads are working best on TikTok.


BigSpy has a large archive of over 1 billion ads from the following networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, AdMob, Unity, Etsy, Shopify ads, or more. See which ads have been most successful your competitors and reverse engineer their paid social media strategy with BigSpy.


PowerAdSpy is a good alternative to BigSpy and Adbeat. It has a large ad archive covering over 100 countries. Its archive includes ads from: facebook; Instagram; YouTube; Google; GDN; Native Ads; Reddit and Pinterest. Discover your competitor’s social media ads startegies with PowerAdSpy.

Video Ad Vault

Video Ad Vault have over 1 million YouTube video ads in it’s archive. Find the best performing YouTube ads. Video Ad Vault has the largest searchable library of YouTube video ads and landing pages.

Landing Page and Funnel Builders

There are a lot of landing page and funnel building tools on the market all with their pros and cons. The best tool will depend on what is important to you. These tools vary in load speed, functionality and price.


Unbounce is a very fast landing page builder. Fast load speeds are particularly important when running paid ads to landing pages. It was built by media buyers for media buyers so has a lot of functionality that is useful for media buyers.

Click Funnels

Click Funnels is a very popular and easy to use funnel and landing page builder. It comes with a lot of great extra functionality for automating your marketing including email, online courses, membership sites and a whole lot more. Click Funnels is a popular tool for many people starting out online. Sign up for a free 14 day trial here.

Profit Voyager

Profit voyager is our go to tool for landing pages, funnels and marketing automation. It has all of the functionality of Click Funnels and a whole lot more beside including landing pages, funnels, websites, email automation, SMS automation, CRM, calendar, courses, membership sites, online payments, online reviews, affiliate marketing and more. Profit Voyager is the ultimate marketing and sales automation software design to help generate leads and nurture those leads into repeat customers who promote your business.


GoHighLevel is the most all encompassing marketing automation tool that can be white-labeled and offered as a high value tool to clients if you are a marketing agency. Read our GoHighLevel Review here.

Archived Webpages

Want to see what your competitors website (or your website) looked like going back in time? See the changes your competitors have been making to their websites.

Way Back Machine

This is our go to webarchive tool. See changes your competitors have made to their website over time. See changes in design, copy, offers and more. This tool is free to use. Travel back in internet history with the Way Back Machine.

Archive Today

If you can not find the website you are looking for in the Way Back Machine you could also try this alternative free internet archive site Archive Today.

Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool

This free Google Page Speed Insights Tool will tell you how fast and how well your website is performing. For search engine visibility it is vital to get good scores in these areas. Make sure your website speed is not holding back your search engine rankings with this website speed test tool. Make sure it performs well on desktop and mobile.

GTmetrix Speed Test Tool

GTMetrix is another useful free website speed tool.

These marketing tools will help take your business to the next level. If you have some great marketing tools that are working well for you and you would like to share with us please contact us here.

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