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Digital Marketing


DigitalMarketer are one of the leading digital marketing training companies. They offer training and certifications in the main areas of digital marketing. More details about DigitalMarketer’s training and certifications bundle can be found here or the individual ones are listed below:

DigitalMarketer’s “Head of Marketing Bootcamp” “Head of Marketing Bootcamp” is a hands-on live mentorship program led by Ryan Deiss and various industry experts. The program comprises 8 modules, delivered through live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as access to a curriculum with expert coaching, assignment reviews, and Q&A sessions. Participants engage in course trainings, mini-projects, and group discussions to apply course material to real-world business scenarios. The bootcamp also offers an exclusive online community, a suite of marketing templates and tools, and a private Slack channel for peer support. Upon successful completion of the program, including a final capstone project, participants earn a Head of Marketing Certificate.

Certified DigitalMarketer Partner – License to use DigitalMarketer’s frameworks.

DigitalMarketer’s “AI Powered Marketer” certification course is a comprehensive, hands-on program that teaches participants how to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) tools and techniques to optimize marketing campaigns. The course covers various aspects of marketing, including keyword research, landing page creation, content writing for articles and videos, and email marketing. By taking this course, participants will be able to streamline their work processes, save time, and stay ahead of the curve by mastering the latest AI tools. This 6-week course is practical and based on real-world examples, and is designed to equip both beginners and experienced marketers with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the AI-powered digital landscape.

DigitalMarketer’s “Digital Marketing Mastery” certification course is a comprehensive 16-hour training program that encompasses a wide array of digital marketing topics including content marketing, social media, digital advertising, email marketing, and more. Through hands-on learning, the course aims to equip participants with the tools and strategies needed to excel in digital marketing, enabling them to effectively engage with online communities and target audiences. Participants who complete the course will become T-shaped marketers, proficient in various aspects of digital marketing, and ready to create winning marketing strategies for themselves or their clients.

DigitalMarketer’s “Conversion Funnel Mastery” certification course is an intensive program that teaches participants how to create effective conversion funnels, which are essential for turning website visitors into customers. The course covers the fundamentals of conversion funnels, including understanding customer value optimization, and it provides actionable steps for building and optimizing funnels. With a focus on practical application, the course aims to equip marketers with the skills needed to improve conversion rates, increase customer retention, and ultimately drive revenue growth for their business or clients.

DigitalMarketer’s “Optimization & Testing Mastery” course offers an extensive understanding of the key concepts and methodologies for optimizing and testing digital marketing campaigns. This certification course covers six core modules, aiming to provide a comprehensive grasp of the digital marketing landscape. As part of the course, you will learn how to design, execute, and analyze A/B and multivariate tests, and leverage these insights to drive increased response rates from your marketing efforts. You will also understand how to systematically optimize and improve your marketing strategies and execution.

DigitalMarketer’s “Social Media Mastery” certification course provides businesses and individuals with the education and tools they need to integrate social media into their marketing strategy. This online course covers topics such as developing a content strategy, tracking ROI, using automation tools, engaging customers, and measuring performance. With its comprehensive approach to social media marketing, participants will develop the knowledge they need to become successful social media marketers.

DigitalMarketer’s “Community Management Mastery” is a certification course that teaches students how to develop meaningful relationships with customers and automate the customer acquisition process. This 6.7-hour, intermediate-level online course focuses on the core functions of marketing, providing students with the methods, metrics, and insider secrets from the world’s top marketers to help them create new opportunities and drive additional revenue. The course is taught by a hand-selected faculty of digital marketing masters and business owners, including Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner, Russ Henneberry, Pam Foster, Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, and others.

DigitalMarketer’s “Content Marketing Mastery” certification course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to excel in content marketing. Through the course, students master the art of creating and promoting content that significantly drives revenue for any business. The course is structured around the “CDA” framework, which teaches students how to strategize, create, and distribute highly effective content

DigitalMarketer’s “Copywriting Mastery” is a comprehensive course designed to help participants become certified copywriting masters. The course equips learners with techniques to create winning sales messaging from scratch, even if they aren’t natural writers. The training program includes lessons on making offers stand out, identifying core buying emotions, and understanding how to create audience-specific messages. It also provides a plethora of copywriting tips, templates, and tactics.

DigitalMarketer’s “Data & Analytics Mastery” certification course equips participants with the skills to identify, organize, and analyze data in order to make informed decisions for business improvemen. The course teaches students how to utilize an analytics dashboard effectively, turning them into valuable assets for businesses by enabling them to answer tough business questions. E-Commerce Mastery

Digital Marketer’s “Email Marketing Mastery” is a comprehensive online certification course designed, offering a concrete, step-by-step process for developing and executing successful email marketing campaigns. Participants learn from leading industry experts how to boost subscriber numbers, increase deliverability and open rates, and create high-converting copy that forms a valuable business asset. The course encompasses a 10-module program, covering everything from strategic planning and list building, to tactical execution and measurement, enabling the creation of an effective email strategy that engages and converts.

DigitalMarketer’s “Paid Traffic Mastery” certification course is designed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of paid traffic and media buying strategies in today’s ever-changing online environment. Participants learn how to navigate through iOS updates, handle increasing advertisement costs, and devise cutting-edge media buying strategies. The course covers the entire paid traffic journey and empowers participants with comprehensive media buying plans, clarity on strategies for major platforms, and techniques to convert cold leads into customers, all while building goodwill in the market.

DigitalMarketer’s “Search Marketing Mastery” certification course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to boost their sales by attracting and converting their ideal leads on different search platforms including Google. The course underscores the importance of focusing not only on rankings but on the customer, making sure that content delivers timely solutions for every stage of the customer’s value journey. The course includes six modules: Core Concepts, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, and Google’s Algorithm, delivered through 42 video lessons led by industry-leading SEO strategists, Amanda Powell and Jesse McDonald


AdSkills are the leading media buying training company. Not only have they trained a lot of the top media buyers they have also trained a lot of the media buyers you will see teaching elsewhere! More details can be found here.

Amazon FBA

Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a comprehensive online training course that guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of building a successful Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business. The course covers a wide range of topics including product selection, sourcing, branding, listing optimization, and marketing strategies. With a combination of online lessons, mentorship, and access to an exclusive community, ASM aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to launch and grow a profitable e-commerce business on Amazon. For more details checkout our review: Amazing Selling Machine Review.

Proven Amazon Course

The Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum is an all-encompassing online training program that aims to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to establish and expand a successful business on Amazon. Through a comprehensive set of video tutorials, webinars, and community support, the course covers an array of topics such as product sourcing, inventory management, marketing strategies, and understanding Amazon’s algorithms and policies. This course is cheaper than some of the alternative Amazon courses.