Alexandra Shapiro has worked as a senior director at both JP Morgan and Paypal. She is the current CMO at Intercom, a client messaging platform built to maximize user acquisition and retention.

While at JP Morgan, Alexandra hired 56 analysts to look over data manually. Today, digital companies are sitting on a goldmine of data they can put to work in real-time, without the hiring.

HOW TO: Use data to align sales & marketing behind a seamless customer experience

1. Create a centralized calendar that coordinates sales and marketing efforts across the funnel

Alignment is just as important as having a good product. A disjointed team will send mixed signals to some customers and neglect others.

Create a calendar and assign tasks, all within Slack →

Workast Slack Integration*

2. Use real-time data to score leads on potential value, segment them, and assign resources accordingly

Assign workflows to different lead scores so your teams can coordinate on and prioritize top-opportunity leads. (I.e., if a lead reaches X score, retarget with an FB ad then follow up with a sales call.)

Automate the ranking process to maximize team efficiency →

Mo Data*

3. Reduce the number of tools you’re using and dive deep into your chosen few

There are probably a lot of features you aren’t using in several of your tools; if you master 1-2 tools, you gain an edge over the competition. (We see the irony of giving you 6 new tools in this summary alone — choose wisely.)

Compile data from all of your tools to see which you use most and should dive deeper into →


4. Build a collaborative sales process from the start or reorganize your existing system to enhance customer experience

It is easy for early-stage businesses to try many different tactics to see what works, but this may confuse customers in the long run. Use data to create consistent strategies that align your sales and marketing ASAP.

Optimize each customer touchpoint through rigorous testing →


5. Use bots to handle inbound questions and free up your team to solve the real problems

Looking at data to find common questions, you can automate responses for 80% of your sales questions. Let your team spend their time handling the tricky cases and boosting client retention.

Customize these chatbot templates to match your unique sales process →*

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