CPC Calculator

CPC Calculator Total Cost: Total Clicks: Calculate CPC How To Calculate CPC CPC or cost per click is the cost you are paying per click. This is calculated as your total cost divided by the total number of clicks. Total Cost / Total Number of Clicks = CPC. How is CPC Different to CPM? CPM … Read more

CTR Calculator

CTR Calculator Click Through Rate (CTR) indicates the percentage of users who clicked on a link relative to the number of users who viewed the advertisement or page. It’s calculated as: (Clicks ÷ Views) × 100. Number of Clicks: Number of Views (Impressions): Calculate CTR CTR Benchmarks Click Through Rates or CTR will vary a … Read more

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator Average Purchase Value ($,£ etc.): Purchase Frequency (Number of times a customer buys in a year): Average Customer Lifespan (Years): Customer Life Time Value ($, £ etc.): 0 In the customer lifetime calculator above fill in the following fields: Understanding Customer Lifetime Value Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is essential so … Read more